ReGen Environmental is a consortium of engineers and technicians built with the intent of determining    what our client needs are, establishing an action plan, then placing ReGen Environmental professionals into action. Our trained and experienced work force is ready when you need us and are a phone call away.

Every spill, flare design, or facility maintenance project is reviewed and signed off by an engineer to determine the most cost effective solution to OUR CLIENT'S immediate environmental concern.

ReGen's mission is to effectively control your environmental issues, while keeping costs down to soften the impact on your bottom line. 

ReGen Environmental is the ReGeneration of soil and air. Our approach not only is reactive, but proactive in addressing our clients C.E.R.C.L.A. responsibility.  

Kevin L. Robinson - Owner & Chief Environmental Officer

Bachelors in Science - Southern Nazarene University 2002

(REM) Registered Environmental Manager

(CESM) Certified Environmental Systems Management

(ESP - E) Environmental Safety Professional - Energy 

Certified in Soil Testing, Trained in HAZWOPER, H2S, Oil & Gas Technician,

Phase I & II environmental assessments, BIO-Microbial Remediation Expert

ReGen Environmental Consultants, LLC